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Your Children Like Olive Plants: A Reflection On Psalm 127 and 128

While I have already reflected on Psalm 127 as it relates to military affairs as part of my series on the biblical way of war [1], I would like to comment today on the symbolism of Psalm 127 and 128 … Continue reading

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Exodus 22:1-4: The Thief Has No Blood

I cannot claim any originality in commenting upon this law–it forms the basis of a very learned and somewhat lengthy analysis on the topic of godly self-defense by a friend of mine, Steve Martens.  That said, I would like to … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Walk In The Woods

This book is a pleasant, mock-heroic account of two middle aged men against nature, trying to hike the Appalachian Trail despite no apparent love for hiking.  Indeed, the whole set-up seems clearly artificial, as the author, one dryly humorous Bill … Continue reading

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