Restaurant Review: Virgilio’s

As was the case with Amalia’s Cafe earlier, Virgilio’s is the sort of place that manages to perfectly match a wonderful ambiance with very tasty food. Even if no Italians were involved in this particular restaurant, it does a very good job at presenting a tasty and authentic Italian cuisine that blends some very familiar foods with ones that are less familiar and deserve to be better known. As one might imagine, both of them were tried during the course of dinner. One might consider the ambiance of this particular restaurant to be the sort that would be perfectly aimed at a diner like myself. The restaurant is in a historic building, is filled with beautiful objects d’art, and plays music that is part of my singing and viola repertoire, besides other pieces that I just happen to like singing. If the restaurant were trying to earn my approval it could hardly do so better than it did.

And it is the food that adds a high degree of interest as well. I was thirsty enough to polish off nearly two bottles of water myself (my mother had about a glass in a half and those bottles were emptied), but they were emptied in a good cause at least. The meal began with tasty garlic bread that was pre-buttered, a nice touch. After that my mother and I both had the Stracciatella alla Romana, my mother’s without the cheese and mine with the cheese, with a fantastic spinach and egg drop in chicken broth. After that came the Insalata Verde Italiana, a green salad with a tasty basil dressing. Then came a tasty Pollo Parmigiana with unbreaded chicken breast and veggies and pasta. I also had a tasty New York style cheesecake for dessert. All told, it was a great meal that was well worth the price, and a fantastic environment where reservations are recommended.

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