Let Them Cope And Seethe

What we have seen, starting already tonight, and what we will likely see more of in the future, is just how bloodthirsty the ghouls of the left are in the United States. For nearly 50 years now, our country has been full of the innocent blood of the unborn slain mostly by selfish and wicked people who have not wished to be parents of these unwanted, who have themselves likely been brainwashed by those whose hostility to life and birth have led them to reject the fruit of their womb for false gods like convenience and selfish indulgence of pleasure. These people, whose bloody and murderous hands are as red as the handmaid robes that they believe will follow any sort of effort to curb their wickedness and evil, are absolutely committed to the horrors that they and their fellow evildoers have inflicted for nearly half a century now, and they cannot be expected to go easily or quietly into the night to cope and seethe when the wickedness that they have tried to force on us is overturned.

It is not only righteous laws that make righteous men, women, and children. Righteous laws are best served when they express the genuine commitment of the people, great and small, to following in those laws and seeking to learn, through practice, what those laws seek to teach in terms of both restraining the wickedness that lies within us or encouraging us to practice virtues. A righteous law that is a dead letter that no one observes or enforces is useless in teaching virtue, because its lessons are neglected. We live in a wicked age that seeks to cast off all restraint to our baser urges and accepts no prodding and urging to virtuous conduct, and so it is that there are a great many who would find virtuous and godly laws and commandments and statutes and judgments–such as the overturning of Roe vs Wade–to be intolerable, because such people cannot tolerate righteousness and goodness. They only think of the innocent as potential victims for their bloody necromancy, and see themselves as being enlightened and powerful enough not only to know good and evil for themselves but to enforce upon everyone else their own wicked and satanic judgments.

As we are told that we should not fear those who can kill the body but fear Him who can kill both body and spirit in eternal judgment, it is little wonder that those who do not fear God but who wish to overthrow Him and place themselves in ultimate authority over others seek to wield the power of life and death with such reckless and heedless abandon. It is a humbling thing to accept that God has the power of life and death and can kill and make alive for His own purposes regardless of our own wishes. It is humiliating for people who seek their own pleasure and convenience to realize that the power of life and death is truly beyond them and that it belongs to One who can take out of their carousing and fornication and adultery, and even the horrors and traumas that are inflicted upon them against their will by others, new life and the possibility of godly offspring. God does not obliterate the horrors of our life, but rather he weaves those horrors into the possibility of something good coming out of them, which is promised to those who love God and who are called according to His purposes. Sometimes how God weaves good out of the bad of our lives is difficult for us to cope with or to appreciate, but God’s ways are high above our own, and we would do well to follow His gentle guidance rather than seeking to obliterate our own sins against others and the sins of others against us by destroying the memory of those deeds in the lives of the innocent children.

Our God seeks life, and abundant and fertile life. We, on the other hand, are dealing with a cabal of evildoers who only desire the death and sterility of children in order to satisfy their own insatiable lust for the shedding of innocent blood and for the destruction of all that is good and pure in this life. It is little wonder that such people are absolutely furious at anything that seeks to restrain them from their attacks upon both unborn children and those children who fall into their clutches in public school or in other institutions that they have corrupted through their dedicated pursuit of the ways of darkness and evil. We cannot expect that they will repent and change their ways easily, not when they have for so long set themselves deliberately and presumptuously upon their paths of darkness. We can be assured, though, that the God of life is stronger than the heathen false gods of death and destruction that the left has devoted themselves to, and if this war has not always been at a time and in a way of our choosing, let us not shrink from the battle now. Far too much is at stake for that.

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