Restaurant Review: The Crow’s Nest

On the twentieth floor of Tower 3 of the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska there is an example of fine dining that as an enjoyable experience for my mother, stepfather, and I in the evening after services on the eighth day. When one compares it with the other two fine dining experiences over the past few days, all of them in the same area, it is clear that the presence of so much fine dining in so mall an area clearly elevates the game of all of the restaurants involved, as each of them was fantastic and tonight’s was no different. If I would consider Sullivan’s Steakhouse to be a bit better, the service was fantastic and the overall ambiance and dining experience of eating at one of Anchorage’s highest points with a fantastic view of the Chugach Mountains certainly was very enjoyable as well. This place is definitely fine dining, but well worth it if you value friendly and attentive service, tasty food, and a great setting overall.

Concerning the food, my family chose a variety of different options. For drinks, I had plenty of water and iced tea, my mother had hot tea, and my stepfather chose the St. Pauli’s, which he seems to enjoy a good deal. I was the only one to order the Arugula Mint Salad (with snap peas, orange slices, strawberries, shaved cheese, and a mint vinaigrette dressing) as an appetizer. My mom had that salad as well as the broccolini as her main course, while my stepfather had the salmon and swapped out the couscous for some fingerling potatoes and also added the broccolini and I had the ribeye with broccolini and fingerlings. For dessert my stepfather had a chocolate cake a la mode while I had the creme brule. All in all, we had an enjoyable dining experience to close out our meals before heading home.

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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: The Crow’s Nest

  1. Catharine Martin says:

    The ambiance and service were unparalleled, and I thought that the bill would be higher. This place was a VERY nice surprise. It was the perfect way to close out the Feast.

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