Restaurant Review: Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant

Gwennie’s is apparently the oldest restaurant in Anchorage, but it is not open for dinner, so it was not until lunch between services when I was able to stop to eat a small lunch there in order to tide me over until a late dinner at 7PM that we had reserved elsewhere (review forthcoming). While there was not food to check out, it is interesting to note that the place did succeed at what we expected for it–while the menu of the place was pretty basic and not anything unusual in the lower 48, it did offer fruit pies that sold out quickly because they are not frequently available in our experience in Anchorage. While getting an apple pie or a blueberry pie (like we got for my stepfather, who stayed in the hotel room between services) is not an unusual thing most of the time, it certainly is in Alaska, and this is a good thing to offer.

What is it that the restaurant offers. They had good sweet tea (the only time I have yet to see this in Alaska) and also hot tea. Their crispy chicken sandwich was nice and the restaurant had a great ambiance and plenty of room on two floors, all of which makes this an obvious place to eat breakfast or lunch. While it is a shame that the place does not have longer hours, this is definitely a place that was worth eating at and had I eaten lunch more often instead of mostly earlyish dinners during the Feast, this is a place that offers hearty food in a friendly atmosphere with attentive service, and is all the better if you have a taste for southern food and drinks as much as I do.

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