Restaurant Review: Pizza Olympia

This restaurant is an interesting case, in that it is a restaurant that advertises itself as a pizza restaurant but which is also a restaurant owned and operated by a Greek family that is authentically Greek enough that I heard our waitress talking to a younger relative who was helping to bus the tables in what I presume was a dialect of Greek, since I could recognize it as an Indo-European language but not one I knew very well with some cognates with Spanish and Italian that I know better. At any rate, this is a restaurant that has a bit of a split identity in that part of the focus of the restaurant is providing Greek food to people in Anchorage (including tourists like my family) while part of the restaurant is focused on making money by offering popular foods like pastas and pizza and calzones, and our experience mirrored in some ways the split nature of the restaurant and was a mixed impression.

As we often try to do (not always successfully), my family chose a mix of foods from the rather small menu that the restaurant had which was a good deal shorter than the menu that I had found online. At any rate, I had water and iced tea to drink, my stepfather had an Alaskan Amber bear that struck him as a bit stronger than he had expected, and my mother had hot tea, which ended up being ordinary Lipton tea. We had an appetizer of dolmades, which was tasty lemon and rice in grape leaves with a yogurt and cucumber sauce that I didn’t have much of but which my stepfather liked (though he found it somewhat plain). Plainness was the theme of much of the food we ended up with, not always to my family’s liking. While I enjoyed the garlic bread that came with the meal, it was too dry and bland for my stepfather’s tastes, and my mother and I were both disappointed with the red wine vinaigrette on our Greek salads that lacked the robust herbs that one would normally expect. That said, while my mom was not filled by her salad, my stepfather did enjoy his vegetarian calzone and I enjoyed the lamb, while my stepfather and I also liked the baklava that we had for desssert.

Overall, then, it could be said that our feelings about the restaurant were mixed in nature. I liked what I had, except for the Greek salad, and that was the only side that was an option because they didn’t have the chicken, rice, and lemon soup that I had been looking forward to. My stepfather’s opinion was mixed in that he liked the dishes and beer he ordered but found the bread too bland for his tastes. My mother was the most disappointed because their salad was disappointing. In short, it could be said that this restaurant is a bit mixed, in that if you have a lot of options and choose well among them you can find a lot you like to eat, but if your diet is restricted in nature you may not be able to choose things you like as well. Those who go here should keep that in mind.

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