Restaurant Review: Momma Os Seafood

This is a restaurant that was admittedly a bit of a surprise. I expected, based on the menu, that the place would be a casual dining place of the kind that we ate mostly during the course of the Feast so far, but it ended up being a bit more casual than that, although we were able to watch some baseball and enjoy a tasty meal. This place has a lot to offer, and though it is a bit on the spendy side, it certainly was a very enjoyable meal, and was very popular for those looking for takeout from what I was able to observe. Perhaps the most striking thing about the restaurant was that it was in a strip mall but one where you had to enter one side of the strip mall before entering the very small restaurant, which was quite a bit smaller than I expected it to be. Anchorage is full of small but intriguing restaurants in strip malls, it must be said.

As far as our food in general, my stepfather and I had close to the same thing. We both ordered the grilled halibut with two sides. My stepfather had white rice and a beet and green salad with it with what looked to be like French dressing, and had some lemonade to drink. I chose the brown rice and steamed asparagus, which was quite tasty, and also had a carrot cake for dessert, which was also tasty, and washed it down with some ice water and root beer as I am a thirsty man. My mother ended up having the halibut caesar salad, and my stepfather once again managed to have eyes slightly larger than his stomach. Although this is a hard place to find, the food was tasty and there are quite a few options, though the fish is the obvious reason why someone would want to come here. If you’re looking for a pretty casual place to sit down or get some tasty take-out, this is a very good option.

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