Book Review: The Way Of Imagination

The Way Of Imagination: Essays, by Scott Russell Sanders

In reading this book, I was struck by the fact that there are very real reasons why it is that leftists go wrong the way that they do. This author fancies himself to be an environmental protector, and to have grown beyond the moral advice of the Bible, but he still feels it necessary in the absence of a firmly grounded biblical faith to be a moral voice to others, and so he adopts the moronic dribbles of the leftist social gospel in order to serve his role as being a prophet of an unbiblical faith in the worthiness of one world government and environmentalism and leftist causes of social “justice.” The author’s ignorance of human nature, which he waves away with an imagination that things can be made easier and that evil resides in social structures and not in the dark hearts of every single man, woman, and child who has ever lived, save One. There is a stark lack of reality here coming from two directions. One is the fears of the left about overpopulation that lead them to be cruel towards unborn life (and life that exists) while believing that they are loving towards life and projecting their own hostility to life to those who they charge for seeking the well-being of the unborn and not those who are alive, which is a damned lie that could only come from an author as clueless about reality as this one.

In terms of its contents, this book is almost 250 pages long and it consists of the author bloviating about various subjects near and dear to mind in mostly short essays. The author looks at the mysterious nature of creation, views his own opinions as being worthwhile insights for others, comments on the way of the imagination as a way of dealing with unpleasant realities that he would rather not have to face by simply imagining a world where the problems of this earth do not exist. Yet while the author acknowledges that the world is burning, after a fashion, the author seems to view the problems of the world as existing only within those who are on the other side, and the sight of evil tends to make the author think of eradicating evil people and that a good world will follow when the good guys are in charge, not recognizing that he is not one of the good guys–and that as far as humanity is concerned we are all fallen and in need of repentance. The author’s poor grasp of the universality of sin and of the wickedness of the Progressive and environmental movements themselves, especially insofar as they support terrible economies and population control and general government tyranny, makes him unfit to think of solutions to the problems he thinks exist in the environment.

Besides the unreality of the author’s fears about the moral health of those who are hostile to abortion and to the author’s dream of population control as a way of staving off God’s judgment of a wicked and wayward planet comes the author’s blind optimism about the goodness of leftist hearts like his own. For the author to think that the Bible’s moral laws have nothing to say to him, because they allow for the existence of evil systems like slavery, is for the author to demonstrate that he has not examined the state of his own evil heart enough to repent of his own darkness and evil. As a result, the author has a belief in the false messianic power of the state, or the one world state, in making the world as a better place and blind optimism in the goodness of himself and his fellow progressives, and fails to provide any worthwhile insight about the state of the world because his worldview is too defective for him to come to grasp with reality. As a result, this book is simply for the amen corner of people who already think like he does and are immune to godly insights at present anyway.

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