Book Review: Eyewitness Travel: Brittany (2017)

Eyewitness Travel:  Brittany (2017), by DK

How much does a book change in four years?  If you are reading this book, the answer is not very much.  Admittedly, I did not expect my library to send me two different editions of the same book when I was looking on a lark for books relating to Brittany (given that the area is obscure to me and somewhere I would like to know a little bit better).  But having gotten the books I realized that this one seemed very familiar when I started reading it.  And comparing the two books together there are admittedly few differences between them.  Both of them have the same introductory material, include the same maps and drawings and the same illustrations and photographs.  It is clear that either not a lot about Brittany changed over the course of four years and/or the editors thought that it would be far more profitable to re-use as much as possible from a previous version of the book when marketing a more up-to-date version for tourists.  And that is the main reason why someone would want to read this book if they had already read a previous version of it, to see what changed from one volume to another.

And admittedly, not much did, but there was a little that changed, at least.  Some things did change, though, so it is worthwhile to note that the guide on places to eat and stay did change, where the authors gave a lot less specific price information (perhaps they were concerned about inflation and becoming too quickly obsolete) in this version as opposed to the older version.  The fact that so little information about the tourist sites themselves changed suggests that Brittany has not done a great deal over the past few years to revamp their tourist facilities but is rather content to just maintain what they already have.  I do not know of Brittany being a very active advertiser when it comes to tourism, so I suppose it is for the best if they are content with their infrastructure and sites and simply hope for more people to enjoy them.  Those who have been to Brittany or have seen advertisements can inform me if they are more familiar with efforts to get people to go to Brittany that I have not seen.  As it is, there is plenty to see but also a few concerns which will likely keep the area from being a high priority to visit.

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