Hostis Humani Generis

Why are pirates enemies of humanity?  Before the foundation of views of international law, pirates and slavers were viewed as the common enemies of humanity and were thus subject to being dealt with by anyone who encountered them, even those who had not suffered from this.  It was judged that piracy and subjecting others to slavery was so abhorrent that anyone who had the power and the interest to destroy such people was welcome to do so.  Both piracy and slavery were crimes against property.  Pirates, of course, made their living by plundering what properly belonged to others, and enslavement is a denial of the property rights that all people have in themselves by asserting human beings to be the property of other human beings without having committed crimes that require repayment or having their terms of servitude fixed by just and equitable contracts that recognize their humanity and the rights they possess therein.  Given that we exist in a world where a great many violent plunderers seek to disrupt the property rights and safety of humanity, let us renew an interest in labeling those who would seek to deny the rights of humanity for their own political agenda or selfish gain as common enemies of humanity so that they may be dealt with by whomever has the power and the interest to do so.

It is well known at present that there are a great many failed states present in the world today.  Whether we look at the threat of the “deep state” of unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic elites, or the violent brown shirts of the left, or narcoterrorism, or Islamic terrorism, or even the continued existence of piracy in the Horn of Africa or Straits of Malacca, or the problems that exist with human trafficking around the world, it is clear that we still have to deal with the problems of piracy and slavers that originally led them to be declared as the common enemies of humanity.  To be sure, some of these enemies of humanity make utopian claims for their desired social orders, be it some sort of Islamic caliphate ruled under barbaric Sharia law, or some sort of utopian socialist paradise, but such claims belie the horrible reality that results from the adoption of misguided and mistaken worldviews as the foundations of state.  Given the horrors that are inflicted upon the world by utopian revolutionaries as well as more mundane pirates and druglords, it is clear that such groups that thrive on chaos and that fight against any sort of just legal order do not deserve to exist and ought to be put beyond the pale of legal protection so that anyone with the power and the inclination to fight against their chaotic evil is to have the full blessing of everyone else to do so.

The existence of those who wish to destroy just order as it exists throughout the world and the difficulty that states have in wiping out the chaotic evils that are present within them are a demonstration of the marked limitations of bodies that claim to represent international law.  When governments that engage in abusive and tyrannical behavior are able to serve on international bodies as exemplars of human rights, as is frequently the case in the contemporary United Nations, and when the workings of what are purported to be international tribunals of justice instead work like intermittent show trials, it is clear that there is a distinct lack of ability that states, to say nothing of supranational institutions, have in tackling the entrenched chaotic evils that harm humanity as a whole.  Whether we are dealing with astroturfed leftist hostility to free trade deals funded by Soros and others of his ilk, or drug lords who seize massive territories which they misrule through violence in competition with police and armed forces as well as other drug lords, or international terror aimed at legitimate states, those who destroy such people, far from being worthy of censure, are engaged in serving the well-being of all of humanity by taking on such scourges of wickedness among us.

All genuine liberty is ordered liberty, subject to self-restraint and the recognition of the duties that we owe to others as well as the rights that others possess.  Those whose extremism leads them to deny the common rights possessed and duties owed to humanity through willful acts of destruction of property, kidnapping, and infliction of physical harm up to and including rape and death as an act of deliberate terror have moved themselves beyond the pale of protection and have made themselves the enemies of all humanity.  With the recognition of the existence of organized forces of chaos that seek to disrupt the just order of society comes the respect given to those who are willing and able to take on such entrenched evils and remove them, bit by bit, from the earth for the benefit of those who wish to dwell in peace and safety and whose well-being is threatened by widespread anarchy and violence.  Since we cannot rely on institutional power to defend humanity against such evils, let us recognize such evils as allowing all who wish to take them on to do so with impunity.

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