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It Is The Glory Of Kings To Conceal A Matter: Part Two

We ended our previous discussion on this topic by discussing the way that our imitation of God when it comes to glorying in concealment shows a lack of awareness of our limitations and a respect for the distance between God … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Michael Bolton

Viewed in certain respects, Michael Bolton is an underdog sort of choice for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  And Michael Bolton has an underdog story–of Eastern European background, he long toiled as an unsuccessful rock musician and a … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art Of Frozen

The Art Of Frozen, by Charles Solomon, Preface by John Lasseter, Foreword by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee I must admit that Frozen is not a particular favorite of Disney films for me, and not only because of its insufferable … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art Of Cars 3

The Art Of Cars 3, foreword by John Lasseter, Preface by Brian Fee, Introduction by Bill Cone & Jay Shuster When a film franchise is in its third film, a lot of the decisions about the main characters have already … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art Of Moana

The Art Of Moana, by Jessica Julius and Maggie Malone, preface by John Lasseter, foreword by Ron Clements and John Musker In many ways, this book is fascinating.  Personally, I greatly enjoyed seeing the art of this particular movie and … Continue reading

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