Book Review: The Divine Secret

The Divine Secret:  The Awesome And Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny, by Joe Kovacs

Having previously read and reviewed the author’s previous book Shocked By The Bible [1], a friend of mine from church loaned the book to me so that I could read and review this one, and like its previous volume I have to say that this book appears to be written by someone who is aware of both the contemporary fondness for divine “secrets” as well as the doctrines of the Church of God.  Indeed, this book appears like the central point of The Incredible Human Potential rewritten with a more contemporary voice.  Other than that, the central point and argument of the book appears very similar with a wide variety of writings from the Church of God culture as a whole that point out the biblical statements that believers will be sons and daughters in the family of God with all that entails.  The fact that this is what the Bible says concerning the future of humanity (at least those who do not persist in rebellion against God) makes this book easy to endorse as far as its message is, and it was certainly a pleasant and enjoyable book to read with solid interpretation of key scriptures and skillful organization and structure.

This book is a relatively short one at less than 200 pages and it is divided into three chapters.  After a short introduction, the first chapter discusses the “secret” of mankind being promised to become the children of God, pointing out that this is in fact not a particularly hidden secret in the Bible but is something that is openly mentioned quite frequently in scripture (1).  After that the author discusses the quickening, and what it means to be born of the spirit, when flesh and blood is transformed into the spirit and we will become like Jesus Christ, and possessed of the same form and nature, something that is admittedly hard to understand but also something the author does a good job at describing (2).  After that the rest of the book focuses on the kingdom of God, where the author discusses such matters as its being paradise, the reality of the government of God, and the good news that a fair chance offers to people in the great white throne judgment that is to take place before those who are changed enjoy the new heavens and new earth, and the author even comments on the likely 100-year length of this particular judgment.

For me, the biggest question in this book is one that the author does not even develop, but which comes obviously from the material itself.  If the destiny of mankind is to become sons and daughters united into the family of God and part of God’s kingdom, ruling over the universe and engaged in who knows what business, what implications does that have for the here and now?  The author himself makes it clear that he does not belong to any particular organization, but yet he reads the Bible and understands that in the world to come all who God calls and who heed that call and walk according to God’s ways will be part of the same family.  What obligations are placed on our present conduct by our belief that we will all be united as one family?  How is the unity of the spirit and of the faith to be shown by us in our conduct with other believers?  To be sure, God’s people have not done a very good job at demonstrating our unity among those who share our basic beliefs as well as our shared history.  Quite the contrary.  What is to be done about this?


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