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A Thought Experiment On B.S. Jobs

I have been reading a book by David Graeber on the problem of b.s. jobs, and I the way that the author seemed most interested in defining what about them that was so soul-destroying, and also how many types of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Successful Intelligence

Successful Intelligence:  How Practical And Creative Intelligence Determine Success In Life, by Robert J. Strindberg Admittedly, there is something somewhat tautological in the way that the author views successful intelligence, though this does not negate the insights the author has … Continue reading

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Book Review: Love Is A Story

Love Is A Story:  A New Theory Of Relationships, by Robert J. Sternberg Is this really a new theory?  Let us be clear that this book is a compelling look at the narrative elements of relationships (including but not limited … Continue reading

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Book Review: Our Labeled Children

Our Labeled Children:  What Every Parent And Teacher Needs To Know About Learning Disabilities, by Robert J. Sternberg and Elena L. Grigorenko As someone who read one of the author’s thoughts on creativity I thought it would be worthwhile to … Continue reading

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