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On The Regulation Of The Womb

One of the sad aspects of contemporary existence is the way that false dilemmas are so common.  When it comes to the contentious question of the regulation of the womb, many people appear to be most interested in a false … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Patch

The Patch, by John McPhee One of the things that happens when a writer has a lot of material is that one tends to see feasts of scraps made of those materials.  This book is an example of that.  This … Continue reading

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Book Review: Uncommon Carriers

Uncommon Carriers, by John McPhee As someone who is interested in logistics, largely from my own personal experience, I found this book to be deeply interesting.  The author clearly has some personal interest in logistics as well, and knowing a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Draft No. 4

Draft No. 4:  On The Writing Process, by John McPhee I must admit that my earliest reading of the author gave me a somewhat slanted perspective of who he was as a writer.  It so happened that my local library … Continue reading

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