Book Review: Deadly Delves: Reign Of Ruin

Deadly Delves:  Reign Of Ruin, by Jon Brazer

As part of my efforts to obtain some quests for upcoming tabletop gameplay with the party I GM, I found this particular interesting scenario that will allow for some challenging and rewarding gameplay, with suitably grim goings on, and also the opportunity for my own character to discover a bit more about his background and the tensions faced as a good lizardman in a difficult world.  At any rate, few people likely have the sort of non-human group of characters that we have in our party (no member of our party plays a human character), and lizardmen in general are not popular but find their way to be an important part of the good and bad side here, which I think will prove interesting after a couple of the adventures that come before it.  This particular adventure is designed for levels 7 and 8 and it certainly provides some stiff challenges including a fierce young dragon as well as a large number of other serious and ferocious enemies, all of which makes for some compelling gameplay opportunities for our party, which has managed to deal with everything I have thrown at them including twenty guards at one time, which the party managed to split up and take down one group at a time, impressively.

This particular adventure finds a party being asked to help defend a group of humans who live in a great swamp where rangers and townspeople keep disappearing due to the threat of some dark evil.  After a town is nearly wiped out by lizardmen riding wyverns alongside a young dragon, the party members are drawn to first help some renegade and good lizardmen and then explore and cleanse a temple of its evil.  And there is a lot of evil to cleanse, a lot of enemies to fight, and a lot of traps to avoid, and of course a lot of loot to obtain, including three magic items.  By and large this looks like a compelling adventure that will provide some stiff challenges for my party, unless they manage to level up too much before we get here or have the usual really good rolls and development that will make it less of a challenge.  Either way, there should be some good role play and discovery features here and it will certainly provide my party with a worthwhile and lucrative adventure, as our party enjoys.

I must admit that this is the first adventure within the Deadly Delves series that I am familiar with, and they have been highly rated by others.  Looking at this volume, it’s easy to see why–the roleplay options are certainly compelling with a nuanced world that includes possible allies that have mistrusted each other for ethnic reasons (admittedly, lizardmen aren’t the most sympathetic of species) and that contains a lot of possible loot and a good test of the ability of players to overcome and avoid traps and other pitfalls as well as to defeat powerful enemies.  As our party has already wiped out quite a few guards and even some reasonably powerful undead figures, a dragon might be a good challenge to throw at the party before too long.  And if this adventure goes well, it is quite likely I will be returning from time to time to adventures to pick up some opportunities for land and prestige, especially as our characters become more important within the world at large of the game, given their tendency to become involved in political matters of high interest to powerful figures in the fictional world, as well as having a deep concern for the underdog.

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