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You Are My Friends If You Do Whatever I Command You: Part One

Jesus Christ was known for saying some very striking and paradoxical things, but on the last night of his physical life, just before heading off to the Garden of Gethsemane where he would be arrested and suffer through the various … Continue reading

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Book Review: Black Swan

Black Swan:  The Impact Of The Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb Unknown unknowns have long been a problem in human understanding, and with this toughtful extended personal essay from the insightful Taleb I have now read all of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Antifragile

Antifragile:  Things That Gain From Disorder, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb This book reminded me, if such a reminder was necessary, that we are frequently in a situation where we need words to describe concepts that are hard for us to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fooled By Randomness

Fooled By Randomness:  The Hidden Role Of Chance In Life And In The Markets, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb Some books feel like treatises where the author seeks to present himself as being the first and/or last word on a given … Continue reading

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