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On The Asymmetry Between Government And Self-Government

Recently I have read five books in a Jane Austen continuation series that bother me on a fundamental level.  There is something deeply broken about the worldview of the author, in that she assumes that anyone who is a principled … Continue reading

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Book Review: Our Culture, What’s Left Of It

Our Culture, What’s Left Of It:  The Mandarins And The Masses, by Theodore Dalrymple In many ways, I can imagine the way that the author would sound if one were interacting with him.  He sounds like a somewhat elderly and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Life At The Bottom

Life At The Bottom:  The Worldview That Makes The Underclass, by Theodore Dalrymple Over the past few days I have read three books now by this author (reviews forthcoming) and I have greatly come to appreciate the humor and dedication … Continue reading

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Book Review: Admirable Evasions

Admirable Evasions:  How Psychology Undermines Morality, by Theodore Dalrymple As this is the first book by the author that I have read, I was pleased that the author was both so insightful as well as so articulate.  Admittedly, the author … Continue reading

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