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Liveblogging Super Bowl LIII

2:34PM:  Since I was not invited to any Super Bowl parties this year, I decided to camp out this year at my normal location for reading, eating, and watching sports on Sundays, the Applebee’s at 185th Avenue and Walker Road.  … Continue reading

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On The Most Disagreeable Task Of The Song Leader

Quite frequently, I find myself leading songs for my local congregation.  This is, in general, a task I greatly enjoy.  As a person with some interest in liturgical matters, I tend to be interested in the order and structure of … Continue reading

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You Say: Some Thoughts About Christian Contemporary Music From A Somewhat Biased Commentator

Since the age of about fourteen or so I have been passionately interested in music charts.  During my high school years I would get up by choice before 6AM on Sunday mornings to record the chart data from Rick Dees’ … Continue reading

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Book Review: Great Strategic Rivalries

Great Strategic Rivalries From The Classical World To The Cold War, edited by James Lacey As someone who greatly enjoys the study of strategy, there was a great deal that I found enjoyable in these essays.  This is by no … Continue reading

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Book Review: Masters Of Command

Masters Of Command:  Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, and the Genius of Leadership, by Barry Strauss As someone who likes reading about classical military history [1], this book is something that is pretty obviously something that would interest me.  And given the … Continue reading

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