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The Alliance Of American Football: The Latest Iteration Of A Perennial Idea

There are some things that get tried over and over again in the hope that they will work.  One of these ideas is another league of professional football in the United States aside from the National Football League.  And it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Islam: The Religion And The People

Islam:  The Religion And The People, by Bernard Lewis and Buntzie Ellis Churchill This book is a somewhat striking and unusual one in that it attempts to present an authoritative and somewhat favorable view of Islam and its adherents to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Islam And The West

Islam And The West, by Bernard Lewis It is rare when one reads a book like this one that contains some genuinely fierce discussion about the issue of research.  To what extent can outsiders speak knowledgeably about groups?  I happen … Continue reading

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Book Review: Music Of A Distant Drum

Music Of A Distant Drum, edited by Bernard Lewis For those who want to gain credibility as experts in a given field, this book is a good example of how to do so.  How does Lewis do it?  Well, he … Continue reading

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