Major And Minor, Or How To Have A Productive Day While In Bed

By the time any of you read this, much of it will probably be out of date, but sometimes I write for myself and only incidentally and accidentally for anyone else.  I thought it might be entertaining for some of you to at least see some of my thinking process and how it that I prepare myself to sleep.  After all, it is a bit after midnight on the first day of the week by the common reckoning of such matters and normally by this time I am asleep, but not tonight, as I still have a bit of caffeine running through my veins and a bit too much on my mind.  So, it is time for me to unburden myself so that I can get some sleep, even if I don’t plan on posting this for another 21 hours or so.

I had a relatively busy day, which is not terribly surprising.  I woke up and was hoping to get some book reviews done (more on that anon) but as it was I barely managed to get my NaNoWriMo writing for the day done before it was time to get ready and head to choir practice, where I was reminded for the first time (but not the last) that I was a rare young adult who was in town for the week, at which point I felt it necessary to remind the person commenting on it that I am technically not a young adult at 37 by the definition of those who define such matters.  No, I have moved, however reluctantly, into middle age, and I can’t say I’m particularly happy about that.  My writing was also interrupted by my roommate/landlord needing me to put a bandage on a lanced boil on his back, and that was pretty unpleasant.  At any rate, I hope the bandage helped him feel a bit better.  After the choir practice, I had Sabbath School, then it was time to listen to a great sermon that closely tied to the material of my Sabbath School class, and then after some interesting conversations, it was time for a memorial for someone I didn’t know all that well, but who had some interesting parallels with my own life that I didn’t know about until listening to stories about him and attending his memorial.  After that I snacked, went to volleyball practice, ate dinner, and then came home.

For a variety of reasons, I specialize in awkward interactions and awkward reflections.  The gentleman whose life was memorialized today was someone who was generally a quiet person, but he was someone who liked to make provocative comments to stir the pot, at least that is what I noticed from eating dinner with him on quite a few occasions, although I didn’t know about his unsuccessful marriage to a woman who remained a friend, or the way that he was a good father and a good stepfather of sorts to four women who all shared how great of a person he was, or how he saved the lives of at least two people during the course of his life, but about which he never bragged at least to me.  He had been born the same year as my father and stepfather, and had even gone to Ambassador College in Big Sandy.  It is even just possible that he knew my father a little bit, although I didn’t know this until it was too late to ask him.  I hate it when that happens, when one finds out something that would lead to some obvious questions but one doesn’t get the chance until it was too late.  The enemies of good communication are legion.

In general, awkward interactions were a strong theme of the day as a whole.  During my Sabbath School class I had a young lad who came as a guest, and when I asked him who he was he told me I had been to his house.  When I queried him as to who he was, he told me his parents’ name and I realized that I had been to his house three times in the past couple of years or so, twice last year, and that I knew his sister relatively well.  When I told his sister about it this year in a conversation with a couple of other teens from my congregation, she had a good laugh about it and I asked her about who would help fill out Salem’s future teen volleyball team.  After that I chatted for a bit of time with another one of the teens there about her struggles with a deviated septum and trouble breathing, something I can relate to, and so on and so forth.  Why is it that I specialize so much in awkward conversations and interactions?  Do other people feel as awkward about these interactions as I do?

Anyway, now it’s time for some lists.


List of book reviews I need to do 😦

  1. Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology, by Charles Aidman
  2. Winterset, by Maxwell Anderson
  3. American Judaism, by Jonathan Sarna
  4. Complete Catalan, by Anna Poch Gasau and Alan Yates
  5. Greenland:  The End Of The World, by Damjan Koncnik with Kevin Kato
  6. Cold Front, by David Fairhall
  7. Light On Life’s Tudies, by F.B. Meyer
  8. The Essentials Of Prayer, by E.M. Bounds
  9. How To Pray, by Reuben A. Torrey

List of books I received in the mail today 🙂

  1. Plutarch’s Lives
  2. The Anneid
  3. Restoration Study Bible
  4. Plato’s Shadow, by Gary Petty.

Interestingly enough, I already own a copy of the fourth book, but for whatever reason friends of mine like to get me copies of books I already own from time to time :D.  If you want a copy of the book and you live in the area, let me know.

List of things I need to do tomorrow.

  1. Wake up in the morning.
  2. Turn my swag on.
  3. Write (NaNoWriMo, book reviews (see above))
  4. Find out if I can get my glasses fixed at the Costco I bought them at some time ago
  5. If I can, get said classes fixed
  6. Fill up the gas tank
  7. Go to the library to pick up even more books to read (!)
  8. Go grocery shopping
  9. Drop snacks/lunches at work
  10. Eat and read

Alright, that should be enough for tonight.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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