Today’s Unpleasant Surprises And Why They Were Unpleasant

Note:  Just for the record, it is not as if all of the surprises that happened today were bad, but I wasn’t able to get around to talking about all of the surprises anyway.

Every once in a while a day has a theme, and today’s theme was unpleasant surprises.  To be sure, not all of these unpleasant surprises were particularly big ones or hugely bad ones, but they were all at least bothersome in some fashion.  Today, therefore, I would like to comment a bit on the unpleasant surprises I remember and why I found them unpleasant, for your amusement.

Surprise:  My desk got moved.
Explanation:  Earlier this week I had an unpleasant meeting at work and it was insisted that I move my desk to be closer to someone I don’t particularly care for (long story).  While the move had been submitted on Tuesday evening, it did not take place until this morning, and so I had to move my belongings over to the new desk, which was fortunately not too far away.  I tend not to be someone that likes change a lot and I have moved desks a lot in the 5+ years I have worked where I work [1].

Surprise:  Eminem released a new album by surprise.
Explanation:  I’m neither a stan nor a hater of Eminem’s music.  I find the idea of Eminem’s new album, where he spits a lot of fire towards those who have criticized him and his last album (the widely panned Revival), mildly intriguing, but what I found most unpleasant about the surprise album release is that it filled my social media with a lot of people who were upset that Eminem was upstaging the release of an album called “Bloom” by an artist named Troye Sivan, apparently out of “homophobia.”  On a related note, I really think we need a better word to express a disapproval of someone’s conduct than the word for “fear,” since fear has little to do with such disapproval, unless you mean a healthy and appropriate fear of God’s judgment on wickedness, which is all too uncommon in our present evil world.

Surprise:  G-Easy released a diss track against Machine Gun Kelly.
Explanation:  I am not a fan of either of these Eminem imitators (see above), but this sort of beef between rappers who occupy the same niche is somewhat bothersome for me.  I happen to believe (perhaps this is naive of me) that people who occupy the same niche ought to be fans of each other and support each other, but all too often there is a belief that there can only be one in whatever category one is dealing with.  This sort of attitude leads to attempts to manufacture enmity between, say, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton, or between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, and so on and so forth.  There are more than enough fans of rap for both of these artists to have good careers without people being forced to take sides in conflicts between the two.

Surprise:  Aretha Franklin’s memorial service became a series of bad memes.
Explanation:  I’m certainly fond of memes, perhaps more fond than most people are, even.  The memes, though, of this memorial service took a dark turn that had nothing to do with the (excellent) music of Ms. Franklin, though.  For one, the funeral service demonstrated the moral bankruptcy of the leadership of the black community that was there, represented by anti-Semites, tax-dodgers, and a very creepy former president who was a little too happy to be witnessing Ariana Grande singing.  By all accounts, her singing was good, but not only was she being leered at, but a pastor got a little handsy and was not respectful of her body language that signified she did not want to be pulled close.  We can all recognize that she is a beautiful young woman, but is it necessary to leer and to disrespect her by not responding to her obvious discomfort at the situation?

Surprise:  Liberals boycott In-N-Out.
Explanation:  When liberals last wanted to boycott a fast food restaurant, it was Chick-Fil-A, and by good fortune there was one that was being built near me so I have been able to go there and enjoy chicken, salad, criss-cut fries, and sweet tea, one of my particular vices.  It would be nice to at least help out a company threatened by left-wing boycotts, especially when they make tasty food.

[1] See, for example:

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