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A Modest Proposal For The Development Of A Robert “Bobby” Fischer Chess Tournament For The Church Of God

Although I am by no means a proficient chess player, once upon a time I was good enough at playing chess to win third place in my elementary school’s annual chess tournament and thus have my name put on a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fields Without Dreams

Fields Without Dreams:  Defending The Agrarian Idea, by Victor Davis Hanson Despite my mixed feelings about the author’s work, I find that he is rarely if ever more appealing than when he is talking about his life as a farmer.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mexifornia

Mexifornia:  A State Of Becoming, by Victor Davis Hanson I have definitely mixed thoughts about the author of this book [1], and my thoughts and feelings about this book are probably about as positive as possible for this author’s work.  … Continue reading

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