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Papias And The Millennium

As a writer whose thoughts have quite often gone towards the millennium and what it will be like [1], it is quite a joy to me that the ancient writer Papias was interested in the Sabbath as well.  To be … Continue reading

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Interview Questions For A Martyr

I just have a few questions for you, Ignatius, if you don’t mind.  Why is it that you thought it was necessary for you “become like wheat” and be chewed up by the lions in order to reach the kingdom … Continue reading

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Book Review: Squirrel Proofing Your Home & Garden

Squirrel Proofing Your Home & Garden, by Rhonda Massingham Hart Despite the fact that squirrels can be somewhat annoying creatures, I must admit that I have generally been fond of squirrels because I appreciate their antics [1].  Nevertheless, squirrels are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Salad Leaves For All Seasons

Salad Leaves For All Seasons:  Organic Growing From Pot To Plot, by Charles Dowding My library had this book presented, and I do not think it was necessarily the best move.  That is not to say that this is a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cottage Gardens

Cottage Gardens, by Philip Edinger and the Editors of Sunset Books During the Middle Ages cottage gardens developed for very practical reasons.  Peasants had some land near the pathways to their hovels and needed to grow some edibles and medicinal … Continue reading

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