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The Problem Of Simultaneous Fronts

From time to time I note [1] that sometimes the most ideal way to solve a problem is to make it bigger.  This is contrary to the usual expectation.  Normally, we like to solve a problem by making it smaller … Continue reading

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Book Review: Invitation To A Beheading

Invitation To A Beheading, by Vladimir Nabokov Although many have labeled this strange work of magical realism as Kafkaesque, that is not an entirely just comparison.  To be sure, this book is strange and its protagonist, Cincinnatus, is seemingly trapped … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pnin

Pnin, by Vladimir Nabokov Pnin is is a deceptively short novel full of larger importance.  Like the Gospel of John, it is a short work that reminds the reader both explicitly and implicitly that if all that was written could … Continue reading

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