Let ‘Em In

Today as I was eating dinner I saw a reference to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame choosing to add Denny Laine to the members of Moody Blues that will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year [1].  I honestly thought that he was about to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the second time but no, that isn’t the case.  Why not?  That is the subject I wish to talk about today.  Denny Laine was one of the core of Wings that lasted with the band from beginning to end, along with Paul and Linda McCarney.  Together the three of them along with others made some great music over the course of the 1970’s, ending up with 6 #1 hits in the United States and dozens of top 40 hits.  All of this made Denny Laine among the most notable hitmakers of the decade.  And yet Wings isn’t in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Paul McCarney is, but without his backing band, even though his solo career without Wings was undistinguished to be the best.  Give My Regards To Broad Street, anyone?

Before Denny Laine was in Wings, though, he was in The Moody Blues.  Now, he was not the lead singer of the band for a long time, but he was in the group long enough to sing their first top ten hit, “Go Now.”  At the beginning of their career, the Moody Blues were trying to copy the soulful sound of American R&B music, and this song is the best one of that period.  Laine left before the band made their pivot to progressive rock which was responsible for most of their success, but given his importance in their first hit, it was good to see that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame decided to honor him by letting him in in a revision of the band’s roster for induction, a wise move on their part.  I imagine that with Laine’s success in rock & roll that he has at least a few friends among the voters and nominating committee.  Hopefully they can add him and the rest of Wings to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as “sidemen” or Award For Musical Excellence or whatever else they want to call it before too long, as Laine deserves to be in the Hall of Fame twice.

What is surprising is that someone who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame twice for his work in Wings as well as the Moody Blues almost missed out altogether before this change was made.  That is quite a shock to me, as one would think that his contributions to two great bands would be obvious to just about everyone.  Here’s hoping that the near miss makes people a bit more careful about the lists of names of people that are honored in a band’s induction.  I could easily see Denny Laine showing up to sing Go Now as part of the Moody Blues induction ceremony.  A casual search on Youtube indicated that lost of people have videotaped him singing that song.  When it comes to Denny Laine and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, one only has to think of the Wings song “Let ‘Em In,” because letting him in is something terribly obvious, even among a lot of obvious choices.

[1] https://edgeinducedcohesion.blog/2011/06/15/why-arent-they-in-the-rock-roll-hall-of-fame-the-moody-blues/

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