Non-Book Review: Infinity Beckoned

Infinity Beckoned: Adventuring Through The Solar System, 1969-1989, by Jay Gallentine

Everyone who knows me knows that I am at least a little bit of a space cadet, hopefully in a good way, so when I was reminded to request another book from the Air & Space Power Journal, even if they have not always been quick about publishing my previous book reviews for them [1], I saw this book on space history and figured it would be worthwhile. Fortunately, it managed to arrive before I was too swamped by moving to be able to give it the attention it deserves, because looking at it, this is going to be a book that requires some attention for reading. Coming in at over 450 pages of solid material, this is a book that will not be as quick to read as most of the books I pick up, but since it covers twenty years of history, focusing, from what I can tell by flipping through the book, on Russian an American efforts to explore the inner solar system, including Mars and Venus missions. The book has a lot of positive blurbs in it, so it has definitely struck others interested in space history as a worthwhile book to read. As space history is the most quirky aspect of history covered by the Air & Space Power Journal, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add another slightly odd book to my genially odd library.

So, what do I expect out of this book? Given its length, I expect some compelling stories, and a great deal of original research. I expect the author to have taken the time and energy to interview people and tell some wild stories that few people are like to know. I expect to be entertained and informed about largely secretive and unknown missions, and to find out about the way that various interpersonal and engineering problems were solved. These do not happen to be unreasonable expectations, but since I plan on devoting a couple days’ worth of reading to this book, I do not expect it to be difficult for the book to meet my expectations, and if it is a compelling book and I somehow end up with more time than I think I will over the course of the rest of the week, then it may not take as long as I think. At any rate, reading about quirky and unusual history involving outer space is appealing, and I hope it will be appreciated by those who read the review as well, whenever I am able to get around to it.

[1] See, for example:

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