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Job Vs. God: A Covenantal Lawsuit: Part Two

In part one of this post [1], which came about as a result of a challenge [2], we examined the fact that the idea of Job having filed a metaphorical lawsuit against God for covenantal nonperformance, and seeing God somewhat … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye Of Harper Lee

As a 9th grader, I had to read To Kill A Mockingbird, as is the case for many readers. Throughout high school, it seemed that my teachers had a particular fondness for focusing on literary “one-hit wonders” within the space … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Food And Feasts Of Jesus

The Food And Feasts Of Jesus: Inside The World Of First-Century Fare, With Menus And Recipes, by Douglas E. Neel and Joe A. Pugh In many ways, it is a shame that although the authors show themselves to have deeply … Continue reading

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