Book Review: Created To Manifest!!!

Created To Manifest!!!, by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo

[Note: This book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.]

Once I read and reviewed the other two books by this author [1], the author himself contacted me and asked me if I wanted to read his other book. Since I had found his two previous books to be intriguing works that came from a different perspective than I am used to reading, I agreed, so as to complete the set. Like his other books, this book shares a perspective as well as many stories that come from the author’s experience as a young man in Africa, dealing with the sorts of spiritual and economic matters that are common in those areas, and also showing a gratitude for God given his current place as a respected pastor in Florida, living a vastly better life than was possible in his native Nigeria. Given the general confident and exuberant tone of this book, it is likely that the author’s enthusiasm, borne out by the three exclamation points in the title, comes from this understanding of how far the author has come with the help of God. This perspective is a worthwhile one, given that it is easy to be complacent and take for granted the blessings that we have, and not understand the context of those blessings, since we receive what we have not deserved in life.

In terms of its contents, this book is striking, containing a variety of chapters that point out, in vivid and expressive detail, what it is that we were created to show. The author has read Psalm 82 and John 10, among many other passages cited here, and taken them at their word to state that believers are the children of God, little-g gods as he refers to us throughout the book, including its chapters, which gives the book its striking and arresting feeling. Many writers would have been far more reticent to point out the implications of the fact that we become conceived as part of the God family through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, to be fully born at the return of Christ when we rise incorruptible to live forever, and the fact that as it is written in 1 Corinthians 6, that as we are judges (one of the meanings of the Elohim that describes our identity as children of God), we are fit to judge and to rule even now [2]. The author’s view on this, as is true of many areas, is quite distinctive, springing from an understanding that as God has given us talents, He has also given us responsibilities to accomplish His will in whatever capacity we are able to do so, and that He has given us all a certain span of authority in which we gain diligence and skill to better serve God and accomplish His purposes here.

About this little book, coming in at a little more than 130 pages, including various glowing reviews of the book provided in the last few pages, much can be said. Its bracing honesty and straightforwardness are highly unusual, and are likely to have been made because the author seems to have so far served far from the limelight of contemporary American Christianity. Many of the people who have commented on this book spring from backgrounds in Africa and the Caribbean, where the honesty and enthusiasm of the author, and his obvious and straightforward reading of Bible passages, would not shock the sensibilities of the reading audience to the same degree that they would shock those of most American believers. The author manages to avoid some major pitfalls, but he skirts some very daring territory in his writing, speaking about the importance of knowing and acting in faith according to our identity as God’s children, but reminding the reader that the praise and glory and credit belongs to God, for our identity springs from Him and not from ourselves. Likewise, the author’s discussion of the way in which our mental state has physical results leads him to speak boldly, perhaps a bit too boldly for some, about the blessings that God has given him due to his faith, even in some very dodgy situations. Others will celebrate the author’s obvious lack of jealousy and his desire to support any who happen to be doing the work of God and whose work is bringing results, and whose behavior is ethical and honorable. A lot, including some imperfect copyediting, can be forgiven when someone approaches writing in such a straightforward and honest way, with such an obvious desire to encourage others to succeed as well. In some ways, this book skirts too close to health-and-prosperity “name it and claim it” territory, but its gratitude is genuine.

[1] See, for example:

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