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Book Review: Brother Cadfael’s Herb Garden

Brother Cadfael’s Herb Garden: An Illustrated Companion To Medieval Plants And Their Uses, by Rob Talbot & Robin Whiteman A book like this is pretty clear about who it appeals to. Are one of the following true about you: Do … Continue reading

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Loyalty Day: A Forgotten Holiday

In stark contrast to much of the world, the United States does not celebrate May 1st as Labor Day [1]. May Day has traditionally been associated with anarchy and social unrest, and not much has changed there, as May Day … Continue reading

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God Has You In His Keeping, But You’re Still In My Heart

This morning one of my coworkers showed up even more than usually morose and gloomy to work today. When my immediate neighbors and I were curious as to why this was the case, he explained that today was the anniversary … Continue reading

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