On The Long Way Down

This evening I received a comment on one of the blogs of mine that has long received a lot of views, and that is my post on Psalm 88. From childhood, Psalm 88 has been a source of comfort and reflection in my own deep personal struggles [1]. It is pleasing that I should be able to comfort others who are feeling down and struggling with the fact that it is very common for people to blame those who are suffering for feeling down. Finding a place where the Bible itself gives encouragement to people with such a struggle by pointing it out without any resolution given is something that can reach people where they are, since encouragement generally does not work too well until someone sees the end of the tunnel that they are in, or at least a potential way out.

A week from now will be the ninth anniversary of my father’s death. Yesterday I was faced with being a messenger in a way that reminded me of the death of my father and the grief that comes from having to face the demise of one’s parents. I do not know if there were too many people who would have found the message more unpleasant to give, but as I tend to be someone who will faithfully discharge a duty even if I have not asked for it nor enjoy it, so long as it is moral in nature and will serve the well-being of others, I suppose it is only to be expected that I would have to be a messenger in such a fashion. I guess being a responsible person has its drawbacks sometimes.

So, aside from some great conversations with friends, there was little about this weekend that was calculated to make me feel happy. And yet if I feel pensive and reflective, I don’t necessarily feel angry or extremely gloomy, rather, I feel a bit cut adrift, like I am lost in one of those fogs that socks us in from time to time. Perhaps this fog will soon lift and show at least some way forward, or perhaps it will stick around for a while. As it is, I suppose I should enjoy the baffling array of messages I get, and try to piece together what it all means. I suppose in the meantime, I will just have to keep my eyes open and see what is going on, with as much pleasure and equanimity as possible.

[1] See, for example:




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