Book Review: The Evangelism Study Bible

The Evangelism Study Bible, edited by R. Larry Moyer

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.]

As someone who likes to read and review Bibles and books about the Bible [1], I tend to be very interested in reading and trying out new translations of the Bible, as well as the repackaging of existing translations for particular people in particular contexts. While sometimes it appears this is done merely for the purposes of cashing in on market segments without offering anything of worth, at times this targeted approach offers a version of the Bible with considerable worth. Such is the case for this particular Bible, published by Kregel Press in collaboration with EvanTell (a company which focuses on a clear proclamation of the Gospel) using as its textual basis the New King James Version of the Bible. For those readers who have a focused interest in evangelism and prefer the NKJV to the NIV or other more Alexandrian-based texts (as is the case for me) will find this Bible a worthy addition to their library, and also the source of worthwhile Bible studies.

Let it be clearly understood that this book is focused and targeted on evangelism, not on textual studies of words or a historical analysis. Since salvation covers many areas, the footnotes and sidebars and commentary material included in this Bible cover a broad scope ranging from sin to humility to object lessons from the life of Moses and Daniel, along with a thoughtful and brief examination of how to reply to those who wonder why God allows so much evil taken from Habakkuk. It also should go without saying that this Bible takes a close look on evangelism techniques and approaches that come from the Gospels and the ministry of Jesus Christ, as well as the early apostles. More unusually, and impressively, is the way that the Evangelism Study Bible examines incidents from the historical prophets to point out how God works with humanity, rather than overlooking those parts of the Bible that are less immediately accessible to contemporary Cristian audiences. Not surprisingly, there are heavy notes in the Psalms, Proverbs, and Isaiah.

There appear to be a few interrelated aims for this particular Bible. One of them is to look at evangelism from a biblical perspective, from the Bible out, given the different meanings that are attached to the concept by different people. Another clear aim is to provide encouragement and resources for people in how to discuss and practice their faith in such a way that it will reach other people. It is not only the content of the Gospel message, but also the context and approach that this Bible pays attention to its its notes and other textual material, and this material, if properly practiced, would tend to lead to a higher view of the decency and character of believers, whether God has opened their hearts to draw them to Him (which is ultimately required for conversion) or not. Whether or not you share the view of evangelism of the authors, this is a worthwhile Bible to check out, and certainly will be one I will use for Bible Studies.

[1] See, for example:

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