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Book Review: Ethan Of Athos

Ethan Of Athos, by Lois McMaster Bujold I waited a long time to read this particular novel, especially because its social message is one I am not friendly to. Truth be told, this novel is a bit heavy-handed (and immoral) … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal For The Development And Publishing Of Rules For Hymns

As part of my general interest in hymns and liturgy [1], and as part of my series of modest proposals [2], and in light of the occasional controversy that results from hymns, I would like to propose the development and … Continue reading

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Second Mover Advantage: On Provocation And Restraint In Hip Hop Battles

It is not very commonly where I write about hip hop culture, although it does happen from time to time [1] at least in passing. I recently started an online course on the history of the Slave South, which seeks … Continue reading

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