The Calm Before And After The Storm

Yesterday I met a new coworker of mine whose skills in programming were meant in large part to make my work a great deal more productive in allowing me to spend time writing queries and actually analyzing data rather than spend my time merely engaged as a cat herder of unwilling data [1]. For several hours he sat with me, asking a lot of questions and hearing me give chatty replies as is my habit as I showed him where I gathered information for my reports, how I had to work with the data, and by the time he went back to his own desk he was definitely convinced of some ideas to work with our data to have our own reporting database that would make my life (and that of everyone who wants information from me) a lot easier. The more time I can spend designing queries and reports and determining key performance indicators, the better. It appears I have plenty of people who agree with me.

When I had lunch today it was my intention to read a lot of a book on Assyrian Historiography (review forthcoming) and enjoying the temporarily sunny weather when a horrible storm had been predicted, but I ended up being distracted by my reading and eating by a coworker who shared her stories of going to Southeast Asia about a year ago, just before the coup, with her boyfriend. Instead of writing blogs about political and military matters, she and her sweetheart laid out on the sun to tan themselves and enjoyed the friendliness of the local population. Even being in Bangkok and seeing the sleaze there, and the calm before the storm that belies the attempts of military leaders like Prayuth [2] to claim as if his coup had massive popular support, as did his marked reluctance to set early elections for a government that would almost certainly be hostile to him and the interests he represents. Still, I think my coworker’s approach to life in Southeast Asia was certainly less provocative than my own, even given her clothing.

After leaving work, and nearly forgetting where my car keys were, it was time for me to engage in some business related to my viola. Unfortunately, for whatever reason the traffic was beastly, black labs seemed to have a death wish by walking in front of my car in the road, while I gently tried to encourage them to stay out of the street, and it seemed as if my car was being blown like a leaf even as a lot of the power seemed off on the way home. At least I had electricity at home to look forward to, which was certainly not the case for everyone I knew. For while I missed the worst of the storm, except for a brief power outage at work and the traffic, others were not so fortunate. I guess not everyone has my good luck, after all. [Pauses.] Okay, you can all stop laughing now.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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