It’s A Nowhere Road And I’m Tired

Although I had planned to be sociable tonight, as is often the case, my sociability ran a bit over my normal schedule [1] and so I arrived home alarmingly late, too late to write as much as I had planned. I had in mind a post on penology (which is not necessarily a subject that people think about often) as well as a post based on a German phrase from the book I am reading, but since it is late and I am tired, I will save those thoughts for another day, hopefully tomorrow. Time will tell, obviously. Instead of writing, tonight I spent a great deal of time, talking at length with friends, as is my fashion, and not leaving a remote location until it was too late to arrive home at any time remotely early. And of course, I work early tomorrow, so I’m probably going to be missing some sleep. Oh well, sometimes we are not so different as adults from little children who won’t go to bed on time but insist on staying up to chat. Sometimes we remain the same kind of people for most of our lives, accepting the complications that come from letting our socializing overwhelm our budgeting of our time. At last I arrived safe and sound, if tardy.

[1] This is not a new problem. See, for example:

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2 Responses to It’s A Nowhere Road And I’m Tired

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