For Chocolate Lovers

So, today one of my coworkers returned from a vacation to Hawaii, where she grew up, bearing a box of chocolates that she had promised to bring me. As someone who enjoys chocolate but does not tend to indulge in that interest too often, I am often intrigued at what sort of chocolates are around, as I have from time to time sampled some very quirky and very excellent kinds. Once, I randomly managed to try a chocolate bar from Sao Tome & Principe, and that was quite excellent. These particular chocolates are (as I have only had a few of them so far) Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and very excellent. On the cover there is a picture of a beautiful flower with text around it that reads: “Best overall quality for chocolate lovers.” And, I must say, it is very tasty, something I will hopefully get to enjoy for a while before I devour it all.

I had hoped to be good and not eat too much of it at work today (I did manage to keep myself from eating more than 3 of the 14 chocolates in the box, despite the temptation), and I would have preferred not to eat any but given that it was a stressful day I needed at least some sort of distraction. Work today was filled with a variety of odd special projects. After lunch I got my first special project, calling about 200 people to encourage them to provide information that was required for the various state and federal health care exchanges. During the course of that particular project, at least as far as I got to do it, I found out a few quirky new things, such as how you prove non-incarcerated status (which I sort of took for granted), through a letter from one’s Parole Officer or a notarized letter saying one had never been in prison, or proving lawful presence, which also seems a bit ominous, as if one had to prove that one could be within 1000 yards of a high school or something.

Suffice it to say that the day was full of technical glitches, in difficulties connecting with people, in computers and phones that were not particularly cooperative, and in websites that did not do what they were supposed to do. Included in that is any website that is connected with the federal or state health care exchanges. It is staggering that websites that are so important to the functioning of laws can be so troubled and be unable to work well in any aspect, from logging in to anything else. Of course, verification of information has not exactly gone swimmingly either, as might be imagined. In fact, today I got to try out some new software which seems a bit complicated, and that will apparently require a bit of time to perfect, time spent doing things that I don’t find particularly enjoyable, in order to help out the general operation of the company. We’ll see how that works out, though.

It is an odd thing in my life to be wanted for a variety of projects, and much better than not being wanted at all. In a way, being wanted by a wide variety of people for a wide variety of tasks can allow someone at least some room to maneuver in terms of selecting those tasks that one enjoys the best and that provide variety and pleasure while avoiding those tasks that are unpleasant, and I like the freedom to play off some tasks and situations against others. When pressures are added on top of each other, though, I tend to find that stressful, as I like things to be completed and done, rather than to be given a large variety of things that cannot be done and that are not remotely pleasant to do. Not that anyone asked my own opinion, though.

Even if it was not enjoyable to participate in automated outbound calls (something that I don’t happen to enjoy at all), I did have at least one intriguing conversation to close the day, with a woman who has been living with the same guy for sixteen years. She seemed a bit frustrated that it was so hard to find insurance that included her and her domestic partner together, but that it would be easier if she was a lesbian. Of course, I imagine she might have been a bit frustrated that she had lived with a guy for sixteen years without marriage (the situation reminded me of the Paula Cole song “I Don’t Want To Wait” about a woman in a similar position). Such a situation is surely not enjoyable at all, and it is a bit sad that she did not hold out for something better for herself. Perhaps she might have enjoyed some chocolates or some romantic treatment from her partner, rather than having all of the responsibilities and none of the rights of a wife. What kind of man makes a woman his concubine like that?

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3 Responses to For Chocolate Lovers

  1. It’s interesting to contemplate that she might not even be considered a concubine according to OT standards, given that they don’t have a written understanding that she will be cared for until she dies. She would be considered a “kept woman” of no standing who would have had to keep her face hidden in public. The status of “common law” marriage came to pass when “…there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Given the example you provided, I guess Oregon is like Florida in that it does not recognize common-law marriage.

    • No, Oregon does not recognize common-law marriage. I was being generous to her, I suppose, in considering her as having that status, even though she does not have a recognized status, largely based on the precedent of cases like Judges 19.

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