A Little Too Complicated

So, today, when I came home from work, I wrote the following complaint e-mail to the UPS Store about my experience at one of their stores during lunch:

This afternoon during my lunch break from work I went to the nearest UPS store (store #1261) to my workplace to print out a lease document I need to sign and return to the property management company. I found, much to my surprise (and alarm) that there were no computers to use to print out documents, and the lady at the desk (sadly, I did not remember her name) was rather rude about my not having a smart phone. Since I was unable to log in quickly to my yahoo address to print out the document on one of the store computers at the desk, I was rather rudely told that I had to e-mail the document (from home!) and then come in and print out the document at the store. I am doing so this time, as I am a man of my word and I told the woman I would do so, but I seriously doubt that I will be using your business again after that kind of rudeness.

What had happened in the first place? As is often the case for me, it is a long story. This morning I made a conscious plan to go to the UPS Store near where I work in order to print out and scan and e-mail the lease documents for our new apartment. I had finally received them last night via e-mail, but since I don’t have a working printer at home, I have to outsource my printing. Of course, the only reason that I received the lease documents via e-mail is because the proper management company closes at 4PM (or before) and is in near Southeast Portland, while I work in Hillsboro until 5PM (except on Fridays). So, instead of having someone stay a little bit later at the office one day, they figured it would be easier to send me a copy of the lease documents for me to print out and sign than to stay open long enough for me to drive there after work, or to be there reliably while I spent an entire lunch break driving hither and yon. And, of course, the only reason why said lease documents are necessary in the first place is because we graciously decided to let the landlady break the lease in the first place [1]. Why does my life have to be so complicated?

While, admittedly, my lunch was a bit of a waste of time, at least it had some compensating pleasures. As I stopped to eat my lunch, I happened to see a lot of young fellows in suits. I thought they were some kind of high school group (I suppose I would think that), but the elderly couple next to me (who had seen them before) commented that they were Mormons on a missionary trip looking for a cheap lunch. As it happens, I remember my days as a poor missionary myself looking for cheap meals [2]. Still, as much of a waste of time as it was trying to get my business with the lease paperwork done today, at least I had a moment of friendliness with some random strangers. I suppose that might make it all at least a little bit worthwhile. A bit of human connection is always to be appreciated.

[1] See, for example:


[2] For whatever reason, I blog about this sort of thing:






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