Let The Games Begin

For whatever reason, my love of sports [1] and card games [2] tends to surprise some people. Those who have taken the time to get to know me would generally not be surprised about my love of competition or of strategic games. While I am certainly far from the most obvious fan of competitive endeavors, it is something I greatly enjoy. I like winning, and playing the sort of games that suit my skills. As it happens, I ended up playing twenty two hands of pinochle today, and my partner and I ended up winning most of them, so it was an enjoyable and successful evening for me. One of my friends (and a frequent Edge Induced Cohesion reader) ended up winning tonight among the sixteen of us who were playing. Although I had not originally been scheduled to play, as it happened I ended up playing all of the games because I was the sixteenth player.

It was nice to see a new house, in a town I don’t know well at all (Battleground) that is to the north of my the territory that I am comfortable driving in on a regular basis. As it happened, I remembered the street address for the home (which, if I understand it correctly, will be hosting at least a few more of these particular competitions, though I’m not sure if any running totals for the whole competition are kept) and was able to find it without too much trouble, thankfully. As it happens as well, I also had the quote of the night. For those who are not aware of pinochle, there is a phenomenon where you have a king and queen of the same suit in your hand, and this is called a ‘marriage.’ One of the other players in the game made a comment: “I’m desperate for a marriage here,” to which I replied, “I’m desperate for marriage too, so I can definitely relate to that.” Needless to say, for whatever reason, that got everyone who heard the comment laughing about it, except for the other single guy at my table.

When you play five rounds (at four hands each) of card games involving moving from able to table (unusually, it was the winners who moved tonight), one can hear a lot of interesting conversation and get to witness a great deal of intrigue. Sometimes husbands and wives will play against each other. Sometimes people are aggressive and sometimes they are way too cautious. Sometimes you don’t get any points in a meld and you are set before the game even begins (thankfully this never happened to me) and sometimes you are holding out looking for marriage (sometimes life is a lot like pinochle after all). Occasionally, you may even shoot the moon and have your partner win every single trick in a hand, which is a work of beauty to behold, even if all you did was give him some good cards and throw off a lot to give him extra points where possible. Sometimes life is good, and you have a very long evening of fun. Here’s hoping there is plenty more where that comes from.

[1] See, for example:








[2] See, for example:





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