Shelter From The Storm

This morning, as I was driving to work, I heard a song that immediately reminded me of the recent typhoon that landed in the Philippines, causing massive damage and up to 10,000 deaths. Apparently, though, the song that was chosen (which itself appears to be about a storm that is much less troublesome than Super Typhoon Haiyan) was chosen intentionally for that very reason, with the thoughts of those who sought shelter from the storm in the Philippines in mind, so it appears as if I was on the same wavelength as the deejay at least. I suppose that the surface level resemblances of titles makes matters very easy to relate to what is going on here and now. It does not take very much subtlety to relate a song about storms to the storms that are going on around us.

Having grown up in Central Florida, I certainly grew up in an area well known for storms. Whether it was the frequent thunderstorms and their lightning shows, which I found scary, being a somewhat easily frightened young person who disliked loud noises that weren’t coming out of my mouth, or whether it was the more infrequent but much more scary tropical storms and threats from hurricanes that never seemed to land like they were predicted to, physical storms were a frequent part of my rather tempestuous childhood. It is not by accident that the profile of a tornado or hurricane is the sign that goes below my signature, no accident at all. Wherever I have gone, storms have followed in some fashion.

The storms we face need not be strictly physical in nature. Often the worst storms are terrible not because of their physical damage, but because of how they wear on us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As in the song that the deejay played, we often see shelter from these storms in our relationships. However, this can often cause just as many problems as it resolves. If we find shelter from some storms in relationships (usually in romantic relationships, but often friendships as well, and just as many relationships where the line between the two is not a very clear one), then we have to face the facts that our relationships can often cause as many storms as they help to avoid. Whether or not the storms we avoid are as strong as the storms we find depends on the situation and our own character.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find shelter from the storms that rage around us, and sometimes we simply have to develop either the skills to avoid storms or the strength to endure them. Not being very good at avoiding problems myself, I have tended to have to develop my capacity to endure over the storms of my life. I hope when I get a bit older and wiser I may have some better advice to my friends and associates who, like me, struggle with their own storms in their lives. In the meantime, like so many others, I too seek shelter from the storm and pleasant company, not only for a short time, but for a lifetime. I hope I may provide shelter, in turn, for a worthy person as well.

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