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Book Review: Juvenilia

Juvenilia, by Jane Austen Though this book goes under the name Love And Friendship for those who would wish to read it, in reality it is a collection of Jane Austen’s fragmentary but immensely witty and sarcastic juvenilia, which includes … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For

Since it appears that for the near future (and I do not know how long that will be), I will be a bit of a vagabond on the face of the earth, spending my weekdays in hotels in the Pacific … Continue reading

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A Lifetime Of Vulnerability

The experience of a long commute is one of those experiences that helps one to see the vulnerability of infrastructure to difficulties. In a robust system, difficulties can be overcome by the presence of alternate routes so that they do … Continue reading

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When Banks Compete, You Win

Today I happened to read a pretty disturbing article in the Rolling Stone that had nothing to do with business and everything to do with banking [1]. I would rather let the article explain the details (which include a rather … Continue reading

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