The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Oft Go Astray

Since it is late at night and I am still not asleep, because it takes me too long to wind down after getting home at an unreasonable hour, I am hoping to wind down a little bit by writing. Over the course of the day my work plans for the next three weeks changed three times, and not because anyone did anything wrong, but simply over matters of logistics and trying to plan most effectively for the future based upon various factors. As might be imagined, though, I tend to be a bit anxious when plans are constantly changing and I’m not able to make plans and arrangements in a stable and timely fashion because matters are changing too frequently.

Changing plans are one of the facets of our contemporary world that I find most troubling. Often the seeming volatility of our lives makes greater stability, even if that stability is not always of the best or most enjoyable kind. The more volitile and subject to change people’s decision-making process is, the more shallow that decision-making process has to be, which means that the less depth and the less focus that people have in terms of gathering information to make decisions. Tradeoffs must always be made, as decisions that are more permanent and less subject to change ought to be made with greater care and more time and better information. It is of little importance if decisions are made in a hurry that do not require a great deal of effort, but if something does require substantial effort, then one needs more time to make those decisions and more time to work out the repercussions. If those plans are impossible to implement, then one should expect those plans to reflect reality.

I don’t really need to go into detail about all the plans I have made that did not go as expected. Often there were other factors in play that simply made it impossible for the plans to work. In some cases I made plans that I was really looking forward to only to have multiple factors conspire to make it impossible for them to work; that is the sort of thing I find bothersome, as it seems to reflect a piling on of difficulties to mock the sort of pleasant and enjoyable times I try to look forward to as best as possible. In my life, as someone who is far more planning than spontaneous, I tend to find that often plans require conditions to work out well in order for them to work out even close to positively, and in my life anything tha requires conditions to work out well is likely to be a dicey proposition, as I have not been very fortunate when it comes to plans involving other people. Perhaps some day matters in that area will greatly improve. Until then, I suppose I have to be flexible and avoid having too many hopes and expectations about that which is merely planned for, at least until it comes to pass.

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