The Legend Of Villebois

One of the areas of Wilsonville that I traveled today was an area called Villebois. Even though the last part of the name of that part of town should probably be pronounced “bwah,” as it is supposed to be French, I presume (the name means Village Woods or Village in the woods or Village of the woods or something like that), for somewhat obvious reasons I kept on mispronouncing it as the capital of Idaho. That particular area of town was full of cute looking European-style flats and houses with street names mostly taken from European cities, and part of the marketing push for the brand new construction appears to have been some kind of “Legend of Villebois” that I am unfamiliar with.

The name Bois was once famous in English history, and even has something to do with the earliest part of the Robin Hood legends, something I did not talk about when I previously discussed my love of the Robin Hood stories. Ironically enough, in French Robin Hood is known as Robin des Bois (or Robin of the Woods, given his home in Nottingham Forest). This is particularly ironic because the first Robin Hood stories dealt with a period of great turmoil in England where Robin Hood, or someone like him, was apparently a supporter of either Edward I or Simon de Montfort [2]. Of course, the time of trial of Simon de Montfort was a time where there were subtle moves towards what would later be termed democracy.

Of course, most versions of the Robin Hood story set the story just a little bit earlier, during the reigns of Richard Lionheart and his brother John [3], including the Kevin Coster and Russell Crowe versions of the story. Perhaps the stories of Robin Hood, being connected to sedition and rebellion, quickly became stock figures, given that within a few centuries rebels in general are considered Robin Hoods. Rebels are not in general well liked by rulers, and those who lose their lands and titles and reputations in rebellions often face a difficult fate. A life in the woods as an outlaw is better than being drawn and quartered after being hung. An ancestor of mine, a fellow rebel with Robin Hood, ended up being captured in Germany and transported to Virginia, in leiu of execution, fortunately for my family.

So, who knows what future legends will be created or discovered in the woods. I will definitely keep my eyes open to any other legends that I may uncover. Of course, if anyone else knows of any legends of the woods that I ought to know about, I always welcome further knowledge and information. After all, apparently in Wilsonville there is some sort of legend of the woods that I am unaware of. There are of course, many other mysteries that would be worth discovering as well, depending on what other infomration can be found. Therefore, let us ponder what mysteries will be revealed with time and patience.




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