Sick Puppies

At the farm where I often work in the mornings, I have the opportunity to see a mother dog with a large amount of puppies. When one sees these little puppies chasing their frazzled mother around looking for milk, and fighting each other for space at a teat, it is hard not to feel rather metaphorical about the situation. I ponder the food needs of a mother with almost a dozen puppies, the fact that the puppies are fighting each other over very limited resources, and the relationship between puppies and the citizens of developed and wannabe developed nations.

I suppose I ponder these thoughts because I am a somewhat unusual person. When I see banks and private citizens, unions of government employees and many others lining up and making demands on governments that are in deep trouble and are unable to meet their obligations, I think of the poor dog Emee (which means she-bear in Thai) and her long train of puppies looking for milk that is not there because the poor mother can’t eat enough to feed all of her kids as much as they want. In a situation like that, one does not blame the hungry puppies, nor can one really blame the mother. We live in a world of scarcity, a world that seems to be growing ever more harsh and savage, despite our growing disinclination to make tough choices, and apportioning blame seems rather pointless. It is what it is.

In a different context, a few days ago I had a conversation with someone about one of the many bands I like, one with a particularly ironic name, Sick Puppies. This band, out of Australia, first became famous because their song was used in a “free hugs campaign” (I know I could always use some free hugs). I am enough of a fan to have seen them in concert (braving a mosh pit) and bought their music. Suffice it to say I consider them a very good band. I find their name really ironic, though, as the band are a bunch of pretty laid back Aussies, at least that’s how they acted when I met them after a concert once.

Of course, the world is full of a lot of sick puppies that are not phlegmatic Australians singing deeply sensitive songs about love and loneliness. To give but one example of many, it was just reported that a Thai senator from a neighboring province (Mae Hong Son) accidentally shot his secretary to death (who also happened to be his cousin) with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol that had been put on a table and discharged into her stomach. As can be imagined, the story is very confused and there are many conflicting accounts [1], and it is a horrible way to die, at a restaurant being accidentally killed by your relative and boss on Thailand’s Mothers Day. Who knows if any charges will result from the case, but it is definitely a strange one.

In the story as I have read it, a lot of the pieces just do not add up. For one, why would someone put a loaded gun on a table at a restaurant, much less at a family dinner. There is something really odd about that. No one knows who put the gun on the table in the first place, though the gun appears to have belonged to the Senator. That is also odd. And then for someone to die by “accident” in such a way is also very puzzling, but clearly something is up and it is going to be a matter for police officers and courts and the court of public opinion to deal with. So, at least we know some family is involved in a lot of drama.

It is always intriguing to me just how odd and random items tend to blend together when one thinks about life, and how interconnected matters are in name or theme. That could be the subject of at least an entry or two, but at the same time I find such synchronicity rather intriguing, and so I thought it worthwhile to explore the theme of sick puppies both as hungry animals with societal metaphors, a musical band, and some real life examples of sick puppies. As can be imagined, life is rather complicated sometimes, and it is a good thing to put those complications in a larger context whenever possible.


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