The Rhythm Of A Blog

As a writer I pay attention to the rhythm of writing. For example, this blog has a notable rhythm for those who are aware. It is my general habit to write a blog entry in the early afternoon and then one in the evening, but that is proving to be difficult right now for rather sensible reasons. Even though even when school is in session it isn’t too hard to write a blog entry during break hours, this is proving to be more difficult this week.

Part of the reason is that a new day does not start on my blog until noon here in Thailand. When I started this blog on November 18, 2010, it was after Daylight Savings Time had ended, and so WordPress counted the first day of the blog from midnight on that day in Florida. It has counted each new day since then exactly 24 hours from the one before, not shortening days for international travel nor lengthening them when there are 25 hours in the day in the United States on one day a year.

I have noticed on those times when I write a blog entry in the morning here in Thailand that the entries are not read very often. This happened, for example, to the blog entry I wrote this morning that referenced an Irish Republican folk song. This is because most of my readers seem to read in the morning or early afternoon (while I am sleeping) and not in the late night when I am just getting up and they are getting ready for bed. The fact that the United States and Canada are the top two countries for my blog’s readership encourages this particular circadian rhythm.

Because there is lunch at noon, services at 2:30PM, and then dinner at 6:00PM and Bible Study at 7:30PM, it is hard to get in the rhythm of writing in the afternoons this week. I’ll keep working on it, but it’s been a struggle so far. The Holy Day seasons, even when there are no commanded assemblies every day, are generally an opportunity taken by ministers to teach to people who have not been in the habit of having consistent weekly services. Given the fairly poor level of biblical understanding, many of these messages have to be on a fairly basic level, hoping that the gist of the messages makes it through translation. I find this personally fairly difficult.

For one, I often have to remember that I am writing for a variety of audiences. That audience doesn’t include anyone from China (my blogs have been banned there for almost a decade), but it does include a lot of North Americans, a few Europeans and Africans, as well as some Aussies and Kiwis and peoples scattered over most of the globe. Most of my readers (about ten times as many as any other country) come from the United States–I’m guessing most of them are friends and acquaintances of mine, or friends of friends, and so I have to be careful to explain matters to them, since they are far away. The people close to here need explanations too, like how to understand the words that come out of my mouth, or keyboard. There are always challenges to communication, and that’s part of what makes writing so much of an adventure.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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