Upcoming Speaking Assignments

During the next few weeks I have some speaking assignments here at Legacy Institute, so I thought it would be worthwhile to give a preview of some of the posts that will be appearing under the “sermonette” category of my blog in the next couple of months.

I have four sermonettes already prepared and ready to go:  one on Jesus Christ as a priest of the order of Melchizedek (requiring a look at Hebrews, Genesis 14, and Psalm 110, with a bonus look at 1 Peter 2), one on God’s view of the unborn (looking at Genesis 25, Jeremiah 1, and Exodus 21), which will be a very fiery message, and one specifically requested for the students at Legacy.  Additionally I will look at the price of equality (the Census tax) and Honor (for taking virginity), issues I have already discussed in the blog under the “law” and “theonomy” tags, and the comparison between the lion of Judah and the roaring lion of Satan.  These messages are written and ready to go.

Besides that I plan on writing a study on 3rd John (including the matter of hospitality, the abuse of authority, and the need to learn from both good and bad examples) and one on the “tale of two cities” of Philadelphia and Laodicea, pointing out some matters that are often neglected in the namecalling and posturing about who belongs under which label, even though those who claim the loudest to belong to Philadelphia and point at others being Laodicean might want to make sure they don’t belong to the Synagogue of Satan first.

Those are the messages I either have written or am planning for now, though as always I am open to suggestions and also will no doubt be planning others between now and the end of summer.  As it is, it is nearly time to get ready for services here, so I have a bit of relaxing and then an afternoon of church ahead of me here while most of my friends and family sleep half a world away.

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