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Book Review: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts & Wear To Find Them By Newt Scamander (J.K. Rowling) As someone who is more than a little bit familiar with the broader corpus of literature relating to the Harry Potter universe [1], and someone who reads and … Continue reading

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Wanted: An Office Exorcist

In the introduction to J.K. Rowling’s amusing short book Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, pseudonymously ascribed to one Newt Scamander, there is an intriguing footnote on page xxiii that discusses that the Centaur Liaison Office is an inside … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Sorcerer’s Companion

The Sorcerer’s Companion:  A Guide To The Magical World Of Harry Potter, by Allan & Elizabeth Kronzck I found a great deal of amusement in reading that this book was not in any way endorsed by J.K. Rowling or by the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Quidditch Through The Ages

Quidditch Through The Ages, by Kennilworthy Whisp (J.K. Rowling) Anyone reading this book should be a fan of Harry Potter [1].  It may be unnecessary to say that for most readers, as Quidditch is an imaginary sport from that particular … Continue reading

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You Can’t Find What Isn’t There

Many people who read this blog may know that I am a fan of the Harry Potter series [1].  A couple of times I have taken the test for Pottermore and though the questions were somewhat different each time, in … Continue reading

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Book Review: If Harry Potter Ran General Electric

If Harry Potter Ran General Electric:  Leadership Wisdom From The World Of The Wizards, by Tom Morris This book exists on at least two levels, and both of them are worthy of consideration for both readers and writers about the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Readings On J.K. Rowling

Readings On J.K. Rowling, edited by Gary Wiener It is easy to see why this book exists. Although the book was written and published while only three of the seven books in the Harry Potter series had been released, long … Continue reading

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Book Review: God, The Devil & Harry Potter

God, The Devil & Harry Potter: A Christian Minister’s Defense Of The Beloved Novels, by John Killinger This is a book that could have been so much better, and ultimately fails to live up to the claims of its title, … Continue reading

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Anybody Else

One of the more consistent patterns in education (regarding face-to-face classes at least) is the fact that if I am a knowledgeable person about a given subject, I tend to feel very willing to speak up. Everyone has different areas … Continue reading

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Today there was a very excellent split sermon to close the afternoon services for the Last Day of Unleavened Bread that dealt with the heart. Of particular interest was the examination of the electrical signal of the heart, and the … Continue reading

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