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An Open Letter To The Washington Post

Dear Washington Post, This afternoon while I was checking my e-mail at the local library, I saw that you had sent me an invitation to purchase digital content from you, and the appeal was that I should support the work … Continue reading

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The Law Of Small Numbers

I spent most of yesterday where I ended the night before.  Spending an enjoyable day in the company of friends (including at least a little time in the evening with some of those I had eaten dinner with on Saturday … Continue reading

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Album Review: Stand Still, Look Pretty (2006)

Stand Still, Look Pretty, by the Wreckers At this point in looking at the discography of Michelle Branch [1] it is time to look at her country period.  The first sign of the Wreckers was their appearance (along with Michelle … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nickel And Dimed

Nickel And Dimed:  On (Not) Getting By In America, by Barbara Ehrenreich I only read this book because it was the CASA book of the month selection [1], and there is little enjoyment I could take out of this book … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Playwright’s Handbook

The Playwright’s Handbook:  For Beginning And Professional Playwrights–A Complete Guide To Writing A Full-Length Play And Getting It Produced, by Frank Pike and Thomas G. Dunn I purchased this book when I went to my last Powell’s trip, and although … Continue reading

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Book Review: Basics Film-Making 02: Screenwriting

Basics Film-Making 02:  Screenwriting, by Robert Edgar-Hunt, John Marland, and James Richards As someone who likes reading and writing dramatic material [1], this book was appealing to me from the point of view of someone who has a practical interest … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Rough Waters

Rough Waters:  Sovereignty And The American Merchant Flag, by Rodney Carlisle From time to time I like to muse upon the fact that as a high school student I was seriously tempted to study at the United States Merchant Marine … Continue reading

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Stop Making Sense

I managed to spend a significant amount of time today chatting with a coworker of mine who has been given a job assignment that interacts with my own, and that related to a former boss of ours.  I was a … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Inner Walmartian

I would like to state at the outset that I tend to shop far more often at Target than at Wal-Mart, and I will freely admit that at least part of that reason has to do with snobbery [1].  The … Continue reading

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We’re Making Loud Music

Yesterday afternoon, I had the chance to watch a live discussion between Michelle Branch and her fans.  I happen to consider myself a fan of Michelle Branch [1], and like most of the people in the chat I was looking … Continue reading

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