Restaurant Review: FujiIchiban Guam

When I made the walk from the hotel where I stayed to the zoo yesterday, I wanted to stop here and try out their soup because any place that offers itself as a ramen restaurant is going to be worth giving a try to. This particular restaurant is a small one in terms of its size, and it does not even use all of its available space for seating, and as a result there is a lengthy line, but the line demonstrated to me that what it had to offer was of interest to a lot of people (including a lot of families with small children), and that was something well worth trying out. So it is that I picked up my buzzer and waited outside with the crowd of people.

Was the wait worth it? Yes, it was. When I got inside I ended up getting both a root beer and then some water to drink, which one needs if one is as thirsty a soul as I am. I then ordered the only non-pork ramen dish they had, which was a chicken curry ramen with a side of a cabbage salad, and it ended up being pretty fantastic. The cabbage salad had a nice dressing and the texture of the cabbage was pretty crispy as well. The ramen itself included a lightly spicy broth along with noodles and two different kinds of chicken. The end result was a tasty and filling bowl. The price of everything was about $20, which worked out pretty well also, making this a worthwhile place to eat if you have a taste for ramen like I do.

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