Restaurant Review: Grand’s Restaurant And Bar

When we left our hotel at around 6:30PM or so to head off to dinner at a restaurant within about 50m, within eyeshot even, the clerk at the hotel was a bit puzzled because it was a bit early. And indeed it was a bit early, since the people of the Dominican Republic have a tradition of late evening dining that mirrors many other countries in Latin America that I have seen as well as many Mediterranean countries. At any rate, when we arrived at the restaurant, we were promptly served and found it easy to be impressed with the large menu that was available. In the course of the two hours that my mother and I chatted and relaxed there we saw a lot of people walk by, as the location of the restaurant is across the street from the Parque de la Independencia, a pretty happening sort of place, albeit one that closes after sundown from the looks of it.

While we were unable to try the whole menu, between my mother and I we had at least a few things. We began with some bottled water (I had two and a half bottles myself) and orange and ginger green tea, mine sweetened my mother’s sweetened and with some milk. After that we had the tasty chicken and vegetable soup, which was quite fantastic and hearty. I had a plate of small bread pieces to go along with the soup, and then I had some chicken and yellow rice that was quite savory. I then finished off the meal with a strawberry milkshake. Everything was tasty and the service was good. One odd thing that is worth noticing is that the tip was included on the pre-cashing state and not on the receipt after using one’s card, which is a bit unusual for us. Even so, if you are around the Parque de la Independencia and looking for a meal at all hours of day (they are open 24-7), this is a great choice with varied and tasty options for food along with attentive service.

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