Restaurant Review: Amalia Cafe

The Amalia cafe is a small but lovely cafe in a larger group of stores near the harbor of Charlotte Amalia, and its architecture, music, and food all focus on the theme of Spain. This sort of focus allows for an experience that focuses on both tapas as well as tasty salads and entrees while also providing a culturally coherent fine dining experience. I must admit that the location of the cafe was a bit of a surprise, as I expected a more obvious location rather than a sheltered one, but overall this place has a lot to offer even if it is not an easy thing to find. The ambiance of the place makes it a pleasant place to spend time and although the restaurant is rather small, it is certainly one that can fit both large and small parties comfortably as my mother and I were able to see today.

It is one thing to enjoy sitting at a cafe and enjoying its thematic architecture and the Spanish guitar music that plays in the background, but it is another thing still to enjoy the food and service, and this restaurant had a lot to offer. My mother and I had different drinks–we shared a bottle of water and I had iced tea and she had an apple tisane she had not been familiar with out of a wide selection of hot teas offered. The two of us split up the foods we ordered–we started with bread as well as a tasty house salad that included greens, raisins, strawberries, tomatoes, and sauteed mushrooms with salmon and a sweet chocolate vinaigrette. After that we split the Pato Perynes, roasted duck breast with sautéed prunes, brandy and orange zest, accompanied by rice and vegetables and the oven roasted lamb shank, slow roasted in pan juices with sherry, carrots, fresh peas and pearl onions, accompanied by rice. Both dishes were superb, as was the attentive service, all of which made for a wonderful dining experience that is well worth recommending to others.

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