Gaslighting Johnny

One of the things that has been increasingly obvious over the last few year or so is the way that trials appear different when viewed directly than it is through the mediating and framing of the media. It is a testament to how untrustworthy the media is that a great deal which can be understood from watching a trial and seeing the arguments made and evidence providing is not conveyed accurately by media which is promoting a certain agenda. The reality of this agenda and seeing the difference between having the trial available for one’s own examination and analysis has been revealing in lowering the trust that many people–including myself–have had in the media..

This agenda is multi-faceted. This agenda can be both personal as well as political, and in many cases the political becomes personal and drives the process. For example, those who watched the Kyle Rittenhouse case only on the media saw statements that labeled him as racist and that painted a picture that he was very likely to be convicted, while anyone who saw the trial itself recognized that he and his lawyers had the matter in hand and were dealing with a shady prosecution team that had a terribly weak case. Similarly, those who have only seen the news for the Johnny Depp trial have seen a lot of gaslighting about Amber Heard as having proven her case of Johnny being an abuser, but those who have seen the trial themselves often see Johnny Depp far more sympathetically as someone with heroic restraint in dealing with a dysfunctional relationship with an abusing wife who then defamed him after collecting a divorce settlement.

What kind of agendas do we find? When we find that the media has arrayed itself for someone or against someone else, it is important to ask the question why. What does the media seek to do in framing a message in a corrupt and illegitimate way? What is the agenda that is being served? In most cases it is pretty obvious that the media serves agendas that are hostile to that of the American people as a whole and also hostile, as it happens, to the interests of truth as well as the foundational law of our republic. As such, the media cannot be trusted, and when their gaslighting efforts are contrasted with reality it is easier to see through them. It is for this reason that, perhaps ironically, the contemporary media has been so hostile to the presence of raw data and testimony that is visible to people outside of their ability to frame and distort it. And these people have the gall to accuse others of the disinformation that they are flagrantly guilty of.

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